About eXposed Media

eXposed.media developed from an idea, I, Charles McGavin had, to discuss issues publicly that government and authorities would prefer to remain unknown.

It all started back between 2010 and 2018.

During that time I had the misfortune to witness what families experienced at the hands of child protection authorities.

To say that corruption was rampant would be an understatement.

I witnessed gross breaches of the law and human rights.

Lies and fabrications were commonplace. The courts were either incapable of seeing truth and fact, or they just didn’t want to.

As time went on I came to realise that it isn’t just Departments of Child Protection that were acting unconscionably. It is every government department, both state and federal.

As well, agencies that receive government funding, and government contracts are also implicated.

NGOs and non-profit organisations, lawyers, clinicians who report as “expert witnesses” to the courts…, and, well the list goes on.

I discovered that Australia is not the lucky country for many, that it is so often portrayed to be.

I also discovered that if these people had a run-in with authorities, and were encouraged to go to the media, the media also closed ranks and would not tell their stories.

In effect, Australians had, and to a large extent still have no way to inform the public about the way the authorities treat them.

Back in 2019 I set up the web site Broken System Productions. It covered some of what I was observing, however it ended up falling into a state of disrepair.

I simply had too much on with advocating for many who were battling the system. And COVID also hit.

Nonetheless I managed to write a few worthwhile articles and I have included them on this, the new and revamped platform for my work.

During this time however, I have managed to get in some study and gained another degree.

I have taken time to improve my skills as a writer, a speaker and a researcher.

I am also a member of MEAA, the Media, Entertainment and Arts Alliance. This is primarily to show my acceptance of their code of ethics.

There is so much that Australia and the rest of the world need to be aware of.

I am here as an independent voice of reason for those Australians for whom this country is not the lucky country.