Attempted Government Suppression

On Wednesday this week I received the following email from the company in Switzerland who hosts my site, Broken System Productions

Dear Charles McGavin,

We received a notice of legal action on behalf of the Victorian Government Department of Health and Human Services on your website located on our hosting.
Website seeks to distribute the kinds of materials that are prohibited by the Policy, including, but not limited to, material that:
(a) is offensive, hateful or inflammatory;
(b) is threatening or abusive; and
(c) creates a risk to a person’s safety.
The Website also seeks to invade the privacy of the Case Workers; a use which is also prohibited by the Policy. The Website contains personal information and identity details of the Case Workers, including their names and places of employment.

In light of the above violations, we note that the Policy provides us the following right:
“ suspend or terminate without waring or notice, the account and services to any customer found to have violated this policy. Your account may be suspended or terminated and you may be held liable for any loss or damage resulting from the breach”.

Please provide evidence before January 26, 2020 that the site is a legal mass media, its registered office address and the contact person responsible for the content of the site.
Otherwise, on January 27, 20120 we will be forced to stop provision of our services to the site.


This request clearly supports the reason for the existence of this site. Department of Health and Human Services have no justification to commence legal action against what I am doing, except to silence me. This is simply heavy handed intimidation and censorship because they don’t want you to know the truth about what is happening in Australia in the Family Court and Child Protection systems, along with their connected systems.

SwissMadeHost, my current hosting provider are relying on false and fabricated information, which I would like to address.

(a) The material that I publish is not offensive, hateful and inflammatory. It is the truth. The whole reason for providing the Case Worker Review System was to enable good families to report truthfully on their experiences with agents of Departments of Child Protection around Australia, because I KNOW how you are treated by these agents. Those reviews support my reasoning to provide this feature.

(b) The material I publish is not threatening or abusive. That is something as owner of this site I take great caution in preventing, knowing that each person is an individual and that we all see the world in different ways. I do not threaten or abuse anyone. In fact it is the other way around. I report threats and abuse by governments and their agents.

(c) I do not create a risk to anyone’s safety. The case worker review system is just that. It enables families to review the performance of workers they have had on their own child protection cases. Although nearly all reviews are negative this is a reflection of the state of the child protection system itself. The fact that these workers choose to work in an industry that condones the behaviour that is reviewed makes them complicit. The behaviour reviewed is endemic in the system right throughout Australia.

I am not invading the privacy of case workers. What is published on this site, once again, I will state is provided as a review system that enables those who have had the misfortune of being involved with this horrendous system, to speak of their experiences. I am just as happy to publish reviews of good case workers as bad, and report on successful outcomes, as well as situations where these departments have got it right.

In Australia we still have freedom of speech to voice our opinions, although implied and not legislated, and that includes reviewing the performance of government departments and their agents. This freedom is fast disappearing however. Mainstream media have been silenced and threatened. They are on edge with what they can and can’t report on for fear of being prosecuted.

Our Australian brother and hero Julian Assange who has won awards for his journalism is locked in Belmarsh Prison and is likely being tortured as he awaits an extradition hearing because the United States government didn’t like their corruption and war crimes being exposed. Our Australian Government is complicit in allowing this to continue.

Something else not widely known is that Facebook group We Are Luke’s Army, with around 5000 members was silenced by government restriction in October 2019. This group was often a first stop for parents to get information and support in regard to child protection cases and was a needed part of the infrastructure that supported parents through their journey. Today, when browsing to this group from within Australia, the following is displayed.

The group is still available via VPN from other countries at

Luke’s Army was established by Michael Borusiewicz as a memorial to his son Luke who died while in the care of the state and developed into a very popular support group.

I myself became aware of how the child protection system in Australia works around ten years ago, as my own family was affected. At the end of the process I was left wondering what had actually occurred. The process seemed manipulated and unfair. I then went searching for answers. Today I am one of the most knowledgeable people in the country on the subject, outside of those in the Departments.

I have worked on over 100 cases personally and have observed first hand the templates that are used to remove children from families. I have spent hours going through legislation, policies and procedures and other documentation to learn the system.

I was then introduced to what is happening in the Family Court and saw similar trends. It became abundantly clear to me that the only way we could inform the public what is really happening is to run our own media. Mainstream media could largely not report on the issues as they were gagged. I also was aware that if we published material in Australia it would be taken down. For that reason I chose to host in Switzerland due to their freedom of speech laws. In fact Swiss Made Host explicitly say they will host for activists speaking out about oppressive regimes.

Australia can now be regarded as an oppressive regime. This is clear by the actions of The Victorian Government Department of Health and Human Services. Other state governments will also want me silenced, but DHHS just happened to be the first to react.

I do not do anything illegal. I support the concept of laws to enable a structured and fair society, but many of them are now being stretched to enable government overreach. I support children being protected, and on some occasions I will actually side with these Departments in regard to removing them for their own safety. However in the vast majority of cases what I am seeing are based on lies, fabrication and manipulation of situations to enable children to be removed permanently from their parents. It is this I am exposing and fighting to change.

I will not be silenced. I have appealed to Swiss Made Host to continue hosting with them based on their free speech policy. In worst case that I can’t, I have co-located the site to a country that has guaranteed me freedom of speech. I will continue to publish reviews of workers of these agencies, both good and bad, without fear or favour. And I will continue to expose federal and state governments and the system in general.

I have a number of other initiatives planned as well.

Have a happy Australia Day on the 26th, but also use it as a time to acknowledge that our freedoms are under severe threat, and consider what you may be able to contribute to exposing and stifling the actions of oppressive federal and state governments of Australia.


  1. I just sent through CHAT to swissmadehost and they closed the chat.So much for free speech.As for DHHS they must be frightened of the truth.If they want to steal kids they must expect to be held ACCOUNTABLE.

  2. The Australian government supports a system of name and shame, for their own dealings, and allow private companies to do the same. When a citizen has committed a crime, their victim and the authorities are allowed to name and expose the offender. However, when the offender is a public official or government employee, the scenario suddenly changes, and the victim no longer has any right to publicity, and the guilty believe they should not be named, shamed and exposed. This is unfair, and must not be allowed to continue, especially by way of censorship of sites like this, and because genuine activists must be allowed a voice and platform.

  3. Thank you so much for exposing this corrupt and hideous system.
    I wish you all the best and hope you are able to continue to spread awareness of the corrupt to the core government

  4. Hi I am having difficult issues surrounding the DCP in S.A. I have tried to research and do my own inquiries but have alas gotten me nowhere. I have what I think to be a fairly open / shut case but because of circumstances beyond my control my children are in care of the minister until 18.

    As far as I know this is an order made for
    1 deceased parents.
    2 mentally deemed unfit to care
    3 in jail or facility preventing care.

    I am of sane mind as you can see I am alive and never have I been incarcerated. But due to false allegations made and my husbands suicide preventing me from attending court at all and it was within 6 weeks of me leaving the order was made. Through lies, manipulation of the system, and small town childhood in S.A but nothing of the 9 years I lived interstate.

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