Australian Governments Operate As A Criminal Syndicate

Australia’s primary industry is now child stealing. It’s easier for the Federal Government to have international funds flow in for each child that is stolen and to use some of those funds to keep the corrupt legal and judicial system running and train and support the clueless monkeys that work in child protection departments and the NGO sector.

It also doesn’t help that the agenda of the UN and other international organisations is to dismantle the family unit. Our leaders could have vision and refuse to follow this agenda, but they are paid off to implement international agendas, and of course that is financed by international money.

The education sector, which is also controlled by the government and also internationally funded, is in on the criminal activity. Social workers and psychologists are brainwashed at the time they receive their education through either TAFE or university, into thinking there is a social crisis in Australia. There is no social crisis except that which is manufactured by the Australian Government. Sometimes parents need help and a leg up when they are raising their families, not the removal of their children. It is this solution, which is supposed to be used in only the worst cases when children are in real danger, and as a last resort, that is increasingly being used as the front line primary solution. Children are removed and placed with foster carers until they attain 18 years of age for the most ridiculous, manufactured reasons.

The Australian economy is built on a child protection system that steals children from innocent families, lies about the reasons they were stolen and workers perjure themselves in court while magistrates and judges turn a blind eye to the lies. It is even legislated that judges and magistrates may treat hearsay as evidence and rule on actual evidence to be inadmissible. The legal system strips families of their assets through exorbitant legal fees, and lawyers deliver nothing for the fees paid to them. Lawyers who are paid $450 an hour or more tell parents to “agree with and cooperate with child protection”. This is called “legal advice”. Lawyers are spineless to bring cases against these massive government departments because they are frequently threatened that their career will be affected or their children stolen if they win a case. It is now so bad that some lawyers are moving their family to international safe havens away from the clutches of child protection departments, because if the lawyers do win cases against them these departments can and do steal lawyers children as well. The ultimate aim of these departments is to crush and destroy families, and they will do anything to achieve their objective, including ensuring the family has no income. In extreme cases they will even report to Centrelink that the family is to receive no Centrelink assistance and thus leave them without any income at all.

The children who are stolen are being taken into care and fostered out until they turn 18. This produces massive profits for all Australian governments. This money originates from Federal funds which in turn is ultimately provided by international funding. The essence of what our governments are doing is selling our children for profit.

It is now so bad that these government departments are so single mindedly obsessed with stealing the children and receiving the funds that come with that theft that nothing is offered in the way of support to these families that are stripped of their children and assets. They are just tossed aside like the carcass of an animal that has served its purpose and left to rot. And for that reason many resort to suicide because there truly is nothing left to live for.

Australian children are stolen not because they are at risk of harm, but because the government needs to retain the continual inflow of international funds. Without it Australia would be bankrupt. If Australians had no children to steal, Australia would begin to shut down and cease to operate as the business that it is. At first, with no children to steal the Departments of Child Protection would close. This would cause a massive number of jobs to go. So many job sectors rely on this one department:

Social workers, psychologists and lawyers who work for these juggernauts of corruption would all be tossed out and useless to Australia. Thousands of jobs, gone, because there are no more children left to steal.

The medical profession including doctors, pediatricians, psychologists, psychiatrists and anyone who is engaged to report lies and opinions on parents so that the courts are able to justify stealing children from their families. Hundreds more, gone!

Courts – there is nothing left to dispute so magistrates and judges would be unemployed.

Without courts, lawyers would be gone. Parents wouldn’t need to engage these money sucking parasites so countless law offices would close and thousands of lawyers would join the dole queue.

The education system would fall apart. If there is no hope of getting a job as a lawyer then what is the point of spending $100,000 on a law degree? Likewise what’s the point of spending $40,000 on getting a social work degree when there is no longer a manufactured “social crisis”.

Then of course there would be the flow on effects. Builders, plumbers, electricians and other trades would no longer be required because the money sucking parasites would no longer have the income to support their opulent lifestyles.

Australia is now a shallow, vision-less country that is only able to support itself as a criminal enterprise based on lies, deception and fraud. True leaders earn their position and are respected by their followers. Australians are forced to follow leaders that are installed for them to follow via the compulsory voter enrolment scam. But how can anyone have any respect for a leader whose career has been involvement with international criminal cartels that masquerade as investment banks. While ever Australia has leaders that purchase their position, rather than earn it, it will continue to operate as the criminal syndicate that it is.


  1. Australia can be saved and restored to its amazing County that it used to be.
    With a honest Lawful Commonwealth Constitution of Australia Act 1901 Government in place it can and will be restored.any Billions of dollars can be saved by not paying Unelected Forign Powers such as the UN and all the money over a Billions dollars that are given to other countries. All laws, Legislation, Agreements, Declaration, and Unlawfully Sales of Australia’s resouses are null and void with the 1901Constitutional Unlawfully Treasonous Governments have done since 1973 and onwards. Australia was and again be a self sufficient country by Restoring all our assets and resources to Australia ownership of the people who it has been stolen from, we can swiftly regenerate all of our Australian businesses and rebuild our work force. We can restore our own banking system we gad not so long ago. We are not a beaten County or people we are strong as a United people. It has only reached the point of where we are by Criminals rorting everything they can get their grubby Unlawful hands on. The Australian people need to stand together as one and fix what has been broken. The courts, police and armed forces are all sworn to the Crown and Commonwealth they must assist the people they have sworn to protect not allow themselves to be used against their own.

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