Family Of Murdered Father Known To Child Safety

On Thursday August 27, a 28 year old nurse was charged with murder after she allegedly stabbed her husband, 32 year old Sean Murray to death at a location north of Brisbane.

Sources close to the couple who have spoken to Broken System Productions say the relationship was toxic and fuelled with drugs and violence by both partners. It was said the couple were good people when they were sober, “which wasn’t often”. The source went on to say that if it wasn’t Sean it would have been the mother who ended up dead. “The children saw a fuck load of shit kids should never see”.

It is alleged that Child Safety were aware of this situation. “DOCS will fuck with people who care about their kids”, a reference to Child Safety removing children from families where there is no need to remove them, “and not with families who desperately need their help”.

This week, three more Queensland families have been ripped apart due to domestic violence. Children have been involved in all incidents. A shooting in Dabakin, a man and woman in hospital with severe injuries they caused to each other, and a third in Ipswich. All these families had children under 12 years of age and all families were said to be known to Child Safety.

Questions need to be asked as to what exactly Child Safety are doing to protect families.


  1. My family has been ripped apart. A single dad of 6 1/2 years with 4 kids.

    I left a toxic relationship in 2015 (dv). I had my kids. Recently the mother of oldest rang police in my local area of QLD from where she lives in WA and claimed I was going to bomb police station.

    There was an incident back in August 2019 that involved police handing 2 of my younger children to a man not known to us. I was at the local police station and this is where it happened whilst I was being brutalised and thrown around.

    Weeks later they received the call from an ex. Turned into a 10 hr police seige only for them to leave without storming the house no arrest till a month n bit later.

    Then the oldest daughter was cohersed into making false claims to police of abuse. I was investigated for several months with being proven innocent and the investigation closed no charges.

    I then beleived my children would be returned but I was wrong.

    It gets worse if you want an exclusive story that involves QLD Premier, Minister for CSYW Di Farmer, Child Safety, and many more departments cover up corruption deformation etc please email me I would like this to be exposed. I have a true story that holds proof.

  2. Child safety needs to be held to account. They often remove children without just cause, yet completely ignore serious assault, abuse and exposure of children who should be removed, especially when the child does have a good protective parent or relative to be placed with. This is happening far too often. Why aren’t our politicians speaking out about this? Who is going to take action?

    1. Child Safety knowingly place kids with Known perpetrators of sexual n physical violence.

      Child safety are the enablers who even when they know of drugs violence in homes won’t intervene because their bigger profits are from stealing kids with parents with NO history because that ways theres nothing to prove and accusations can hold against parents indefinitely just to keep the matters in courts, out of pocket with defending fresh air claims and will keep kids prisoners in the state with no grounds.

      Child protection should look more into married and working couples claiming they then couldn’t possibly fail a child over a single parent with then no witnesses to the distorted truth casesworkers will write about. Sick n twisted reports with no credibility is what keeps kids in oohc.

      This cases shocking because 3x kids were subject to traumas no child should with violence n drugs in home daily and despite reprts to CPS they did SFA to protect these innocent victims who themselves are another kid trapped in system where caseworkers and government profit from their horrific ordeals

  3. These cases are happening way too often! Forget about Di Farmer, as it is always “I can’t comment due to confidentiality!” The resources wasted trying to make cases up (clearly when there is no case) and drains the system, instead of getting to the real cases who need to be protected. The system just keeps getting worse, and it is not from workers being overworked or not enough funding? These failures like Mason Lee and the little downe syndrome girl left in a room to die at Cannon Hill without being fed, two teenage boys on the north side of Brisbane, teenagers still wearing nappies, and all known to this system! Forget about the really petty things you seem to spend all your time focussing on, and get out and do the job you should be doing! Only way to change this system is to hold the workers accountable, then we may see better results? If a child dies, someone needs to be held accountable, just like little Mason Lee!

  4. Having knowledge of a friend who was involved with a children’s services officer and has now has separated from her, I have learnt how this officer who is from Queensland constantly would use her home computer to access sensitive files of clients in the system. She would be looking at her files whilst drinking alcohol till late into the night. She has her own children to care for but that did not matter as she was obsessed with looking at clients private information. Keeping in mind this was done while there was others in her home and on numerous occasions.

    Furthermore clients files were openly discussed. I don’t believe anyone should have access to this information outside of the work office as information about children and parents could be easily seen by anyone. Is this normal practice in Queensland Children’s Services or is it a case of computer hacking? Either way I am bringing this to the attention of this public forum as I have no faith in Queensland Government to do the right thing. No doubt if it is reported it will be swept under the carpet.

    The Mason Lee case is an example of how Qld Government has failed to charge any officer who was involved in the case and it has been widely reported in the media of the failures of Children’s Services Officers and to this day there has been no justice fir this little boy who was failed by officers meant to protect him.

    1. There is no way a CSO can look into anyone’s file without an alert being sent to areas leader and manager. Similar to QPS.

      Also, it’s impossible to access the DOCS database without having remote access. So, unless your ex is a teamleader or manager, your story is fictional and contrived.

      I feel a bit sorry for the poor ex.

  5. Keep kids at home…!
    Children grow up…!
    Children have voices…!
    Those voices should be accountable to say the least…!
    Their important and vital to our future…!
    Hear those that fear… help those who need help… ! Support those who struggle and provide affordable financial solutions and programs through some profits of the big banks as they should not be profiting for our governments…
    our kids need those funds..
    Tax & %10 profit .. should provide fir those who need it…
    Our living costs must come down.. to minimise deaths…
    our pays need to increase and security should be free & updated.. to all who use online services…!
    We already have roads use funding to support community growth..

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